I'm a pretty good looking guy. Why am I not on Magcon/other shitty con?

By magcon I pretty much mean ALLLLL of the famous slightly above average looking skinny white boiz... who are famous due to Vine/other shitty Social media. AM I jelly? Yeah. Slightly. But... I also wanna know how tf they did it.
From what I can tell ALL of them are slightly above average looking feminine white boiz (I'm white myself but have a strong jawline, high cheekbones and nice eyes and lips) who are EXTREMELY photogenic (srs they'll look like twigs IRL ).
And the only reason they're famous is because apparently they are super hot? Like how? I have some friends that are as good looking I'd not better than them and they have some muscle too. I myself am around that level too. As are millions around the world.
SO how is it that only a few go on to become so rich that they can afford Lamborghinis... just by Vines and shit like that? Like how can I monetize my face and body lol (don't need it tho... I am a great law student). It's more to get even richer. And dat ego too.


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  • It's all in the attitude. Some people are charismatic and some people aren't. Looks fade but charisma is forever.

    • Charisma... hmmm mm. OK. BUT 6 second Vines require Charisma?

      But still... point taken.

    • Also... how would you explain Alex From Target a legit 7.5 out of 10 dude who works at Target. Luck is the only explanation in my opinion in his case.

    • No idea who he is...

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  • Mmmmm dat egoo guuuud