Who's up for a body pic?

No, I'm not a catfish.
Just a guy in his mid twenties who's balding (*sigh*) and decided to step it up in the gym for the last six months or so.

Just for fun, post your full body pic and whoever gets the most upvotes will have an MHO from me.

Without nothing much to add, here's mine (nothing too special I know):

Who's up for a body pic?


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  • OK, here's from couple days ago and from a competition three months ago



    • Dude I wish I had that upper torso. You train professionally?

    • I'm not pro. I compete in NPC physique division but I have yet to qualify and win a national competition to get my IFBB pro card, which marks professional status.

      But yes I'm dedicated, it's essentially a second job for me. Maybe get to IFBB level one day who knows?

      I started out trying to get fitness modeling gigs. I got in an agency but have no callbacks so not much to brag about there yet either lol.

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