Does anyone find the guy in this picture similar to anyone?

I am thinking, thinking... I can't be sure who is this guy? :P

I hope you like it ^_^ It took me some days, among my breaks while studying I drew some in everyday and finally finished ;)

I drew my profile picture ^_^ You can compare my profile pic and my drawing above ;)


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  • Like a slightly overweight version of Mike Shinoda (with glasses)?
    Lol no idea 😜

    • Umm this man? a little similar lol

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    • It really is! Lol more than Mike Shinoda 😅 you don't seem very overweight either tbh lol sorry I often answer question right on my TL so I never see who the asker actually is ^^;

    • :D when I see ''slightly overweight'' i said to myself OMG rüştü go and lose some :P Hahahaha... it's okay :) I am not so thin tho ;) And thank you for ur interest !!

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  • Good self portrait

    • Thank you :) I always love to draw...

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