Girls, Girls anywhere from 18 to the age of 28, which of us do you find the most physically attractive and who would you rather date?

I won't say which I am to avoid any possible bias, and at least two of us have GaG, and so you may have seen some of our pics before.

Guy A:

guy A is the above links so there's no confusion, he is about 6'2 and has a bit of a pudge to him but is not fat by any means

Guy B:

So the above is guy B NOTE!!:: he has a condtion kinda like alopecia, so the shaved head isn't by choice, he has to have it that way, so factor that in if hair matters a lot to you, anyway he is about 5'9-'10 and can't tan for crap haha ( he asked me to put in the extra pic to just show his headshape was okay)

Guy C (I will put guy C in an update to fit the links)

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Guy C

he is aobout 5'7-8 and spends a lot of time at the gym, he is the heaviest of the group but its a lot of muscle too though, his pics are of, you guessed it, the gym
Guy A is about 200 lbs, Guy B is about 140, and guy C is 230 or so
They are all decently smart and attending college etc so don't worry about brainpower
I was under the impression this site had a bigger audience do to speak
Well this is depressing to me..


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