I want to grow really long hair. I recently cut 1 inch off (anymore and I'd have cried) any tips on getting longer hair? And how long is too long?

  • Long long long hair? (Legs)
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  • Medium long hair? ( mid waist)
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  • Short hair?(shoulder)
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  • Layers?
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  • Tips? Let it grow and do it's thing


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  • Never let it reach to your butt. That would just be unhygienic, even if you wash it regularly.
    There's not much you can do except waiting and taking good care of your hair. I recommend the brand Aussie, especially their hair treatments and conditioners. Make my hair silky smooth and I rarely find any split ends. I also recommend Moroccan oil, to put on the ends of your hair.
    Speaking of split ends, you should get a trim at least every 4-6 months. No products can actuall "seal" the split ends (contrary to popular belief). They'll just keep splitting higher and higher. The more they split, the more you'll have to cut off. So getting a trim might be counterproductive at first, but it really isn't. If you don't get a trim, you'll just have to cut even more the next time you go to the hairdresser, and then all of your progress will be lost.
    Try to not use too much heat on your hair (straighteners, curling wands, even blow dryers). Try to let your hair dry as much as possible before using a blow dryer. Do NOT use curling wands or straighteners on wet hair. Always use a protecting spray before curling or straightening it. And when you brush your hair, start from the ends and work your way up. If you start from your scalp, all you'll do is gather all the tangles and brush them to the ends. At which point, your ends will most likely break and then you'll lose some length again.
    Try not to wash it too often. 3 times a week is good. Every day is bad, you'll just dry it out and all the natural fats that are needed to make your hair healthy and strong will disappear. It might also lead to overproduction of fats, which i turn leads to dandruff.
    That's all I can think of, for now.

    • In turn*

    • WOW thanks for the detail!! I don't use any heated products at all and I air dry hair, I do wash everyday tho..

    • Might be time to wash every other or third day instead then :p

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  • i didn't really understand the votes but legs are too long midwaist is pretty if you want long hiar that is. i have nothing against short hair actually, even cropped could be dope


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  • Lumos pretty much said it all. I will give you fair warning: long hair is a pain in the butt especially if it’s thick. My hair has been past the middle of my back for most of my life and while it was beautiful, it was heavy from the thickness and split ends were harder to catch. Even having it in a bun on my head was heavy. Curling it took forever so I would mainly just either wear it down or do a waterfall braid or fishtail braid. People would constantly try to touch it when I was out in public. -_- Long hair is beautiful but it can be really aggravating.

  • My hair varies from bob to shoulder length, at the moment bob. Couldn't do with it being down to my waist!!!

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