How is my lips?

Even though i don't find myself handsome, i think i have nice lips for a guy. What do you think?

How is my lips?


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  • Lose the moustache, trim the beard n cut your hair. Your lips are nice... can't see them under the stace. lol


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  • 1) Shave your beard
    2) Trim your brows down a bit (Or pay a salon to do it, Its pretty cheap to do btw)
    3) Get a nice hair cut
    4) You will have a nice face.

    Yes, You have ''Nice lips'', But the beard above it just ruins them if im honest, Clean shaven would suit your face a lot better mate.

    • Thanks for the advice. I'll ask a question. My facial features is masculine, feminine or neither masculine nor feminine?

    • definitely masculine, Infact, I'd say too masculine.

      You got a nice facial structure and stuff, You just need a bit of hair grooming to bring it out.

      I mean, I have no idea where you live, Or if facial hair like that is attractive there (You look kind of middle eastern perhaps?), So, If having a beard like that is normal there the keep it i guess, But, here, I can honestly say i have only ever seen a handful of people in my life with facial hair like that, So its very much a cultural thing and i may be biased in telling you to shave it.

      Eh, Just do whatver you like bro, If you shave it and dont like it, You can always grow it back right?

      Good luck tho dude.

    • I agree. If you clean up a bit, you would have a better looking face. The first thing I noticed was the amount of hair.

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  • Very nice,

  • Omg your beard is SHIT! Shave and never try this beard again.

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