Girls, am I ugly?

I'm a 17 year old guy and I've been really shy with girls until recently. As shallow as it may seem, I just want to know if I'm ugly because I always assumed I am. Please be completely honest, I'd rather you tell me I'm a 4/10 than for me to chase a girl who is a 8 and get rejected. Any suggestions on appearance are also appreciated.

Sorry for my lack of decent photos by the way, I don't take a lot of serious ones.

Girls, am I ugly?
Took this picture just now, don't worry I'm not as skinny as the picture suggests.

Bottom-left, about a year ago.

Middle. My hair is messier than usual because I was wearing a mask all night.

I included a poll at the bottom if any of you can't be bothered to comment, 1 obviously being worst and 5 best.
Thanks and have a nice weekend :)

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I'm a Girl
Thanks for the nice comments :D

I guess I'll try fake it until I make it with my confidence.


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