Is she cute? would you it?

is she cute? would you it?


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  • Nah I'm good

    • that's cool... but i post what the fuck i want, retard/asperge'rs. hahaha... perhaps tell me why i cannot.

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    • well it's clear both of you are autistic, since you reckon some Web stranger has to give a shit about your "posting supremacy/exclusion club" haha... and that i have to treat you well well i don't know nor give shits about you.. haha.. losers..

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  • I would definitely "it"

    • that's cool... I like your posting supremacy rights... haha.. like i care.

  • Would you it? That makes no sense

    • because people need your permission to post... got it haha.. the opinon regulator!!! a "dude" with shitty social skils hahaha.

    • Or you could just proof read your questions like everyone else was taught to do when there were 5 years old.

    • no, but it's clearly your personality... haha... sorry, peopledon't need to check in with you to make opinions.. loolol.. dope.

  • She wouldn't model, if she wasn't cute

    • cool scene bro... but i post what the fuck i want. I don't need you to tell me, kind of weird thinking for a big arse man hahaahaa...

    • What are you on about? I answered your question dude, back the fuck off ho

    • haha... sorry, i just know you. but then i ask what the hell i want, i KNOW and LOVE how this offends you. I await the "you don't know me!" well learn how to get along..."knowing you" is moot, and frankly if you disrespect me, i act in kind to you.. haha...