What would you feel if your boyfriend says you look like a puppy?

I felt kinda disgusted. So here was the convo between me and him (in text messaging):

HIM: You're so cute x
ME: I look like a puppy then?
HIM: Haha yeah and I could kiss you all day xx
ME: Seriously? A puppy?
HIM: lol *Hugs*
ME: Rude!!
HIM: Why?
ME: Well you said I look like a puppy.
HIM: Puppies are cute.
ME: You're hurting me so much :(
HIM: Aw okay baby I'm leaving you for a bit *kisses your lips*

Girls, would you feel the same?
Guys, what are your opinions?

He didn't even say sorry. :(

  • It's awful and disgusting. He sees a puppy when he looks at you.
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  • It's sweet. He really finds you cute.
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Most Helpful Guy

  • I think he is saying that you are cute, like puppies are cute. Not that you literally resemble a puppy.

    • Haha hopefully yes. Thanks.

Most Helpful Girl

  • puppies are cute and adorable! i find it as a compliment , i think you're taking it too seriously :)

    • Yeah haha, I think your taking it way too seriously, he didn't mean an actual puppy but cute like a puppy

    • @MarkyyG123 yeap I was so silly LOL

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What Guys Said 3

  • You feel disgusted? You're the one who came up with the specific example. He just called you cite. If that's what's cute to you, then he's okay with that.

    You should feel disgusted at yourself. The same as asking does this dress make my ass look fat, then expecting, and only accepting, the 'right' answer, whatever the hell that is

  • He's basically saying you're so cute and adorable. It's a compliment. Don't over think it.

    • Yeah might be just overthinking. Puppies are cute but I don't wanna look like one anyhow LOL.

  • I voted "it's awful and disgusting. He sees a puppy when he looks at you" coz I think you are more like a tiger lol you are the personification of a tiger

    • Aw haha

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    • Never saw someone build a plural form of lol

    • Well you just did now.

What Girls Said 8

  • Haha I don't think he actually meant you look like a puppy. You are a human (Or at least I think you are?) and you could never actually look like a dog. Besides, puppies are pretty much the cutest thing on this planet! Take it as a complement!

  • Puppies are adorable and playful. Not so bad :) He was teasing you.

  • You were the one asking "I look like a puppy then?" in the first place 😂 so why be mad at him if you were the one bringing it up... girls are so complicated

    • Yeah and he said yes. It's not about if I bring it up or not. It was kinda about what he meant when he said "cute". LOL dunno if you get where I'm coming from.

    • I don't know where you're coming from, because YOUR explanation makes no sense whatsoever!! Because if you said do I look like a kitty he still would've said yes because, he would have thought that you want to be compared to the thing you suggested, you know where I'm coming from?

    • Okies. :)

  • Lol their nothing wrong with it it's kind of like a pet name it he's comparing you to a puppy and puppies are cute. I would only take it the wrong way if he were comparing me to a hippo or some fat ugly animal

  • you are exagerating. He picked up on your question to make a joke about it and be cute and funny. But you were too sensitive about it.

    Of course he doesn't think you are a dog, he just think you are cute, period.

    Get over it. poor guy.

    • you should avoid having a script on your head about what he should say or what would be the perfect/right answer for him to give.

      I know I do that unwillingly sometimes, but I try to avoid it and just go with the flow.
      You like him for who he is, not for what he says and if it is perfect or not.
      Love isn't perfect. There will be good heart fluttering moments and sad moments, awkward moments, funny moments xD

      Just roll with it ;) You will find it will make things better between you two

    • Yeah I found myself so silly haha. Thanks so much!

    • It's ok. happens to me too :) ;)

  • Are you seriouse.

  • You're the one who put the idea in his head. Either this is fake or you just wanted an excuse to get mad at him.

    • 'Cause puppies pop to mind when I hear the word cute and I was hoping he did not mean it that way. Why would I want to be mad at him? Sorry if it sounded like that.

    • All im saying is you lead him on. You set him up to fall into a trap. I don't think you realise that words of a text are emotionless. He could have read your message in a sweet tone not a mad tone as you apparently were. You made him believe that you wanted to be cute like a puppy and then you slapped him in the face.

      I think he is the one you should be apologising to.

    • Yeap I've apologized to him for acting so childish. Thanks loads!

  • I think it's sweet. He thinks you are lovable and adorable, I would take it as a compliment.

    • Yeah thanks. Haha maybe I was just a little insecured.

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