What do boys think of girls with broad shoulders?

I've enjoyed swimming competitively for a number of years because the sport comes with many benefits: athleticism, the social side and the self-esteem boost from heightened team spirit.
But honestly, what do guys think of girls with broad shoulders?
I've gathered from numerous sources that certain guys are typically more attracted to girls who are slender and less muscular than they are. I remember this quote from that Beckham soccer movie where Jess's friend's mum was all like, "There's a reason Sporty Spice is the only one without a man" and that's just been stuck in my head for a while.
So honestly, what do guys think of girls with large shoulders?


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  • my shoulders are a bit large too... idc lol

  • Hi, I am a girl with broad shoulders, I always have had broad shoulders and always will. I used to do a lot of swimming like you and after a while I stopped because I did feel my shoulders were too big but all that happened is I lost the muscle so now I have untoned broad shoulders. To give you an idea my waist and hips two to three sizes smaller than my shoulders. I am thinking of taking up swimming again next year because I miss the muscle and the weight training I've been trying just doesn't give me the same effect.

    I digress. In my experience as a girl with broad shoulders boys do tend to like me. Especially in high school, they liked the fact that I looked athletic even when I wasn't doing anything and the one benefit of broad shoulders it takes a lot before people notice you've gained weight as you waist remains smaller than your shoulder for a long time.

    So yes in my experience boys do like girls with broad shoulders, maybe not all boys but the majority of the guys I know are absolutely in love with my shoulders. A piece of advice though is halter necks emphasize your shoulders so avoid them if you don't want to accentuate them, also flared skirts can create the allusion of a lovely hourglass figure.

    I really hope this helped.

    PS learn to love your shoulders because all us broad shouldered girls have been there before

    • Thank you, it was nice to hear this because most of my friends have small builds and little shoulders and it was nice to know that I can talk to someone who can relate. Your opinion was helpful.

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