Girls, What do you think of this guy? Handsome or Ugly?

Girls, What do you think of this guy? Handsome or Ugly?
So what do you all think of this guy.

This is not me, but a friend of mine and he doesn't know I'm doing this, so I want to surprise him.

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I'm a Girl
Okay, time to come clean.

The guy in the picture is not my friend, that's me in the picture. The general consensus is Ugly, so that pretty confirms everything I know about myself.

Thank you all for your honesty.


Most Helpful Girl

  • Meh, you better have had his permission before posting his picture on here.

    • Nah, OP should just tell his friend the bad news- He's ugly, very very very ugly.

    • In fact, I wonder who in the hell voted handsome anyways.

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  • You should have more options, like at least one in the middle such as 'average/normal' because 'ugly' is a bit harsh.

    • Look at this beast, there is no "Average/Normal" with him, he looks like Sloth from Goonies.

  • looks can change, but as long as you are a kind good person, people will like to be around you. so cheer up!

  • I don't think you're ugly at all; and hose that voted as such are very blind. I believe beauty comes from within and radiates outward and you sir, are very handsome in my opinion. Hold your head high and ignore the haters. I think you're a 9/10 and i am certain others would agree with me. X

  • Not too bad but certainly Not "THE UGLIEST."

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