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Tom Hardy: dreamboat.

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Please let me know if you have seen Lawless and The Drop, two performances in which I just... He's the ultimate man. He's rugged and real and really exceeded any expectations I would have had from looking at him

The Drop?


Most Helpful Girl

  • Yeah that guy is hot! He will forever be Handsome Bob too me :)

    • Hah I was gonna pick a rocknrolla photo, but I just prefer these more rugged looks. All three movies are excellent

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    • I thought mark strong was a familiar, known actor to me, but wheniI looked at his ImdB I had only seen one other movie he was in, and not beforehand. (and it was a film I watched just to see Tom Hardy, lmao) (ttss)

    • Thanks for the MHO :)

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  • He's not bad, but not exactly amazing.

  • Talent above looks. He's talented.

  • Don't know anything about his talents. Not a fan of his looks.

    • I recommend Lawless and The Drop, though of course I have no idea what kind of films you like. Other people would recommend other films (of his)

  • He's sexy AF plus I read one of his books when I was younger. I never knew he was so fine 😳😫😏😌😚🙏

    • Omg no. Thomas Hardy the author is not the same person, if that's who you speak of

    • Oh lol either way he is still fine

  • in mad max he looked way better

    • To me looks stem at least fifty percent from personality. That movie was rubbish and his character wasn't exactly deep.

    • he was the only thing that made me watch the movie till the end lol

  • He's a handsome man :)

  • I think he's attractive and talented. I have seen most of his work, including Lawless (which I also wanted to watch for Jessica Chastain) and The Drop. I was surprised by how much I liked that last movie. I love that he loves dogs so much



    His dog Woody is such a cute dog, too!

    • Oh man, when you search Tom Hardy The Drop, Google suggests immediately Tom Hardy The Drop Puppy. I find it funny.
      I loved the subtle intricacy of the drop, kinda reminds me of Michal Clayton. I also like strong but not overbearing violence, which is apparently many people's take away from my favorite films of his.

      I agree, loving dogs is a wonderful trait

    • Tom can definitely be intimating, I saw Bronson, The Dark Knight Rises and Warrior as well. But honestly I prefer his softer side... or knowing he has a softer side, if that makes sense. Even though This Means War was not a good movie, I still like how he played Tuck. He is definitely a strong, intelligent, talented man. He has a good sense of humor as well.

      I still need to see Legend. I'm excited to see Mad Max: The Wasteland, The Reverent, and I believe he is returning to Peaky Blinders.

What Guys Said 1

  • He's better off looking being Bane and looking JACKED!!!


    • I saw Lawless and Batman in theatres back to back, had no idea at the time this man was in both

      Also not a fan of gym culture