Do you think I rated myself accordingly? Can you post images of some guys that would be in my league?

Face only, I'd rate myself around 3-5.
5.5, tops.

I do, however, have a BMI of 34. So face and body together, I would give myself a 2 or 2.5, tops, because I do have a pear shaped figure (so no apple figure with hanging belly...) Sorry no body shots because I don't have any in my phone.

What do you think? Feel free to be honest, but please don't belittle me. There is a difference between being blunt and being rude. I can take bluntness. Being belittled would kill me inside. And don't be nice just to be politically correct.
Do you think I rated myself accordingly? Can you post images of some guys that would be in my league?

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Anyone else want to add something before I pick MHO?
Also, would you date me?


Most Helpful Guy

  • Are you a number or a rating?

    A "3" to one guy could be a "10" to another.

    Don't fall for that shit.

    I have dated very beautiful women in my life... and there have been MANY times when I passed a beautiful one up in order to pursue an "average" one.

    Put it this way - I WENT NUTS over a girl with a "pizza face" ... she had a horrid acne problem. I would have burned down buildings for that girl though - I was so attracted to her.


    Because of the way she carried herself - that was my initial attraction. Here's this girl with face like pepperoni pizza and she's dressed hot, and she's laughing and joking with her friends with that face like it's completely normal to her. She's not bothered by it all.

    And she KNEW she had a problem. I dated her for awhile... she would actually work on reducing the acne but there was only so much she could do. She realized this - and realized it was just something she had to deal with and she dealt with it... WITH A NOBLE ELEGANCE that I can't see how any man wouldn't be attracted to.

    She always put her face in mine... she never turned her face... she always smiled with it.

    And that's what made her beautiful. "Hey, I have flaws... who doesn't? But I will not define myself by those flaws!"

    That was her attitude.

    Wonderful girl.

    • People have told me that if they don't know me, I seem quite confident and even "badass", like my best friend put it.

      But somehow that didn't deter people from belittling me. And I'm talking about strangers. Makeup does make me feel more confident and less shy.

      Plus, I had never had someone appreciate me the way you do that girl. So how am I supposed to feel like I'm worth something when no one has ever told me or showed me that? When no one has ever wanted me for me, inside and out?

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    • "concentrate on your own perception of yourself." That's maybe what the biggest problem is. Ever since I could remember (kindergarten age, maybe even earlier, I don't know), I have always hated what I see in the mirror. With makeup, I think I look more decent and acceptable for society. Face wise.

      I think on the inside, I am completely dateble. For strong, secure guys anyway. I'm no Einstein, but I'm no bimbo either and I have done things that shows a strength of character, that not everyone can do.

      But how can a guy see my character if my appearance has already make them look at some other physically more pleasant chick?

    • This should have been MOH

Most Helpful Girl

  • I'll be really honest and say what I think. The first two pics, it's about photo-taking technique. I like the bottom pic, but do you have pimples? You can try to cover them up with makeup or make sure to take good care of your skin. Go online, try to pick up some makeup skills. You can make your eyes larger, and grow out your hair. Personally I find females who look slightly more rounded to look better, so don't tell yourself you look bad. I can't really tell what your body looks like, but if you think you're too thick, try to lose some weight, say at 5-10 lbs in 3 months? Take more fruits and veg to maintain a good diet. While it's true that guys tend to get attracted to looks first, I'll tell you no one is out of your league. Be confident and always smile :)
    If you need me to rate you, I'll give your face a 5.

    • I don't have pimples, but i have undereye bags that shows even after makeup. And one pockmark that's visible on the loser picture but other than on that picture, doesn't bother me.

      I do wear makeup, but I like to keep it natural. I don't want to deceive people completely lol

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    • That would be too deceptive in my opinion because I'd have to use tons of false lashes and other crap lol

    • Well then, maybe you should try losing weight. I'll say you don't have to look very pretty for a guy to love you or for friends to appreciate you. Character matters most

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What Guys Said 4

  • If your BMI is 34 you better change something or you are likely to get pretty unhappy in middle age.

    • On my long and unpleasant way...

  • Wow you need to calm down with this whole in my league stuff just relax you look alright average looking and there is nothing wrong with that.

  • I like pear shaped girls😍. And I'm partial to your type😊. I think you rated too low going by your facial pics. I really like your facial features and skin color. It's not pale and has a lovely natural color.

    Maybe I'm in your league? ☺️

    • Lol thanks. No doubt you are, if only you're like 5 years oder hun 😝

    • 😕😔😢

    • You can get a younger, prettier girl :)

  • You rated yourself accordingly, and you know what? That's a +2 modifier in my books.

    • Haha I don't see why that would be a +2, but thanks.

What Girls Said 5

  • Why would you say those bad things about yourself? I'd give you about a 7 or 8, and that's not to be politically correct because political correctness is a load of garbage. Get some confidence girl. You have nothing to be insecure about.

    • Awww that's way too kind. I wouldn't expect more than 6 lol seriously. If I were a 7 or 8, I wouldn't have trouble finding guys. And I feel like I can't rate myself more than a 5 if I'm fat.

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    • On the one and only long and unpleasant path...

    • haha, I know it's a lot of work but it's certainly worth it. Both of my parents are really overweight. I think my dad is obese and my mom morbidly obese. She has so many health issues and my dad is starting to get there. You don't want to end up like them so it's better you're doing something now instead of later. Trust me it's worth it.

  • I think you look alright. If you can get in shape - some guys don't care too much about the face and if you have a good career its even less important.

    • Lol I think most guys would care less about the career than the face. But thanks. I am giving weight loss another try.

  • Quit rating yourself. It serves you no purpose. Its more to life than looks. Just try your best to be healthy and take care of what you have control over. It's nothing wrong with your face.

    • Exactly right. Love yourself with all your flaws. I said above that I dated a girl with a horrible acne problem and loved her to death. Acne was about her only flaw though... she was perfect inside as a person. The exterior is superficial. Now... she would have been flawed internally if she thought that somehow that acne problem degraded her as a person. But... she didn't have that attitude - quite the opposite. I had to EARN her because she knew she was a special person on the inside. She wasn't gonna "settle" for anything less than what she wanted just over a superficial external flaw.

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    • Even while I'm doing that I still get negative feedback from society. And one negative feedback can cancel 10 positive ones. I know I should have focused more on the positive ones and ignore the idiots who know nothing about me, but when the burn has already been felt, it's hard to cancel it. Close to imppssible, if not impossible. It just confirms what I've thought of myself since I was in kindergarten. That I'm ugly and nobody of the opposite sex would ever want me.

    • May I also add that I live in a society or culture that openly dislikes overweight people, small noses, small eyes, thick lips and round wide faces? So it's not just my weight that's the issue. That's probably also why I had started hating all my facial features ever since I was an itty bitty kid.

      I'm truly sorry if my self pity annoys you by the way. I just feel like since forever, society and nature has been against me. I can be the most confident person inside and have a great attitude, but people will still see me as an unattractive girl if I don't have a skinny body, long nose, small face, big innocent eyes, and cute small mouth.

  • Please don't put yourself down like this. You got a nice face shape and hair. You got the typical "V shape" face according to Korean standards which is a beauty trait. Besides beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Everyone has different tastes.

    • Thanks for the compliments but my face shape is not nice. I'll accept what you said about the hair, but my face is wife and round. Not ideal according to korean or Asian beauty standards. Besides, just like what anonymous girl said, I kinda look like a pig. With my weight and my nose.

  • In all honesty you look like you're part pig.

    • Thanks for confirming my beliefs. Why go anonymous, hun? Own up to what you have to say.

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