What do you think of this picture?

What do you think of this picture?
I'm thinking of uploading this as my Instagram profile picture. I thought it was funny, because whenever my friends say something weird, this is the face i make, and they all seem to think its funny. So do you think its funny? Do i look alright in the pic?

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Maybe this picture is better? http://imgur.com/2BfBwpD


Most Helpful Girl

  • You look good and light hearted. Upload it.
    But how come you are a minor when your age is between 18-24?

    • Well although i talk maturely and look slightly older than i am, as a teenager, i would get no respect from adults on this site if i were to declare my actual age.

      Thing is, i have a pretty popular account on here, and i doubt anybody would guess I'm not the age i say i am, but i wanted to get as much respect as the common adult on this site. I didn't want my advice, as well as views and opinions to be shrugged off and dismissed purely because of my age.

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    • Yeah, i guess you're right. But since you're still here, have you seen the second pic in the update?

    • Oh I've just seen it. I think the first one is better. it looks more like a meme and the expression looks more genuine while the second pictures looks like you are just trying to look good in the picture. :P

Most Helpful Guy

  • I like it. Upload.

    • Yeah, i mean my goal was more so to be funny than it was to be attractive looking. But i still don't want to upload something that makes me look hiseous.

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  • funny pic! go for it

    • You don't have to answer, because i might be a bit young for you, but do you think i look attractive in this pic? (Even though I'm making a weird face lol).

    • i don't have to answer? what the? :O

    • I just mean, if it makes you uncomfortable since I'm a minor

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