Which guy are prettier & sexy, Do women will jealous of them?

TBH they are not a 100% transgender, But they are kind of it, They both are fashion model. I just find them very sexy and attractive. Guys what do you think about them? As a woman will you jealous of them?

Andreja Pejic
Which guy are prettier & sexy,Do women will jealous of them?

Kirill Sadovy


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  • If these women were born dudes they are 100% transgender. If you mean they still have their manly bits, they're still transgender. They just haven't had a sex change.
    I think the first one is prettiest, but I'm not jealous.

    • I really confused between the transgender and Tranny. I always think the transgnder people they cut the dick already, But the tranny not.
      I'm glad you don't get jealous of them. But some trannies still pretty than women

    • Tranny is just a slang term for transgender. Transgender just means that they consider themselves of the opposite sex than they were born. If it's guys that just like to dress in girls clothing but still consider themselves men and like women, then I think that's just cross dressing. I know someone who does that but he looks nothing like a girl and doesn't want to be a girl. He just likes our cloths. Lol
      But these models look like they live as women. They gave them selves girl names and went through extremities to look the way they do.

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  • I think Andreja is gorgeous, but I'm not jealous of her. What do you mean by 'not a 100% transgender'?

    • Because they still keep the D and they didn't get the surgery. Maybe they take female hormone.

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    • I think that Andreja did go for the operation, but I'm not sure. Either way, any trans person is 100% transgender, whether or not they've transitioned through an operation. But no problem :)

    • Oh I see now, Thank you for explain to me, But the male characteristics are still very clear, But the transgender person, Very pretty.

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