Girls, Kinda weird question about looks and being happy (read details, long)?

Okay... so I am a GOOD LOOKING guy. Or at least Girls on here seem to say so. I have posted pics of my self and asked them to rate me vs Francisco Lachwoski and Sean O Pry. And some of them said that I was either in the same league as them or had potential to be (same thing... getting a haircut and eyebrows done takes an hour or two).
BUT I cannot stop comparing my facial attractiveness to other guys. Whenever I see someone with a remotely strong jawline I start comparing other features.
Girls... what would be the right thing to do? I want Girls to love me 60 percent for my looks and 40 percent for who I am (a nerdy, intellectual guy who will be a software engineer and works out and is quite good looking).
IS any guy better looking facially than another at maximum potential? If every guy were at their peak facially and physically would they all be 10 s?
I mean when I see another attractive guy. ... is he more attractive than me? Or are we equal? Or am I more attractive? Who will more women find attractive?
Keep in mind that I CANNOT accept that another man is more attractive than me facially (if both him and I were at our best peak physical condition). DO I have to though? Because aren't looks subjective? AS in if 2 billion Girls in one place thinks Guy x is hotter than me... wouldn't there be 2 billion other girls someplace else that think I'm hotter? How does being conventionally attractive and looks being subjective coexist?
HOW do some guys get so many opinions when they ask for a rate on here while others barely get any (I got some opinions when I asked... good results. But good enough or not?)? Would the guys that got barely any opinions get just as many as the guys who got many (presumably attractive ones) if they improved or not?
Yes kinda jelly of Francisco Lachwoski/Sean O Pry and other guys like them. But do I have to though? Maybe I am just as hot if not hotter? How does one know?


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  • You sound obsessed. Unattractive.