Will my "fiddler's neck" repulse girls?

I play viola and as a result, I have this which I did treat in the past to reduce its severity, but as long as I keep playing, I will have the following:

Will my
Mind you, I just shaved so that's why it's red.



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  • That's literally no big deal to me.

    • Really? If say another guy had that and he started talking to you, wouldn't you think, "Ew what is that?"

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    • That's good. Do you think most girls would be fine with it? Not to trivialize your opinion, but I'm just wondering if this is going to make me lose a significant amount of dating options.

    • I really don't think it will. Not all girls or even most I'd say is put off by stuff like that. Especially if you explain what it is. Then it actually becomes impressive :P

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  • I don't mind marks, but that one looks like a hickey LOL

    • So would you be put off?

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    • lol I could use that as a joke initially if a girl asks about it.

    • Totally hahah and you can gauge how much they like you by their reaction haha :P

  • nope it's fine


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