Women and gay men, do you find Elliot Hulse attractive?

Women and gay men, do you find Elliot Hulse attractive?
Height: 5'8
Weight: 195-205 lbs
Strongman, fitness counselor, powerlifter


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  • Um, yuck. To me IT {notice that I didn't say he, this THING doesn't deserve to be called a man} looks like a gorilla/pig/human hybrid with likely violent tendencies and those arms look thicker than my legs which is really freakish. And 5' 8"... that's "Manlet" height, which to me doesn't qualify him as a man, 6' 0" is my minimum for me to call anybody a man, and he likely has Napoleon Complex {Little Man, Big Ego} to go along with his diminutive stature.

    That being said:

    Under 6' 0" with big muscles- Manlet Gorilla
    Over 6' 0" with big muscles- Sideshow Freak
    Over 6' 0" and Fit/Trim- Ideal Man.

    ... and I rest my case :)


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  • Those are bad pictures. I bet if they watched his vids theyed be wet for him.

    • Those were actually the best pictures I could find.

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    • Yeah, exactly. Isn't brutish and barbaric-looking good?

    • To a point. My point is that girls saying no, would change their minds if they saw him speak. If they saw, the balance between his brute body and his enthusiasm for what he does.

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  • His face would not be attractive to me even if I were female.

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