Girls, Why do some girls say I am cute/good looking /attractive and others think I'm alright?

ALL THIS IS FACE by the way. I will have a Calvin Klein model body soon.
Anyway I had asked for opinions here and got those results. Whenever someone said I look alright I felt like a part of me died inside. Most said I was cute/attractive /good looking though. Some said haircut and eyebrows. Would you say that if a guy who is attractive were to get his hair and eyebrows game maximized he would be as hot as Francisco Lachowski/other conventionally attractive guy? I am WILLING to improve to be as attractive as possible to the same number of women as your famous hot guy alright? And no, other than looks I have a lot to offer. I am a software engineering student and get great grades and am very knowledgeable about a variety of subjects. BUT I cannot live in peace unless I become as hot as the famous hot guys of the world that are practically famous purely for their looks. I have a strong jawline, high cheekbones and nice eyes. Good enough? Nose is kinda bad but David Gandy exists right?


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  • because beauty is subjective