Girls, if a decently attractive /good looking guy thinks he is as hot if not hotter than ANY MALE supermodel is it wrong?

Because what REALLY is a male supermodel other than a tall good looking guy who is an expert at posing and getting his photos taken in the perfect lighting at the perfect angles? please tell me. Thanks.

And whatever happened to looks being subjective? I realise there is symmetry and jawline (I have both). BUT beyond that?


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  • Not all male supermodels are even attractive. I think only David Gandy is. Now if he starts thinking he's better looking than Chris Hemsworth, Chris Evans, and other leading sex symbols... then his ego is way too big.

    • Ummm... but I guess that is where subjectiveness comes in right? I mean Chris Hemsworth? His ONLY good trait would be his body (pretty much a Taylor Lautner clone). Lol you know what? I am much surer of being as hot as Thor than I am of Ian Somerhalder (now he has some serious facial aesthetics ).
      And I said as hot as... not hotter than.

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    • Please do respond when you have the time to/want to. Thanks.😊

    • He was voted the sexiest man alive. He has very pretty eyes, and a great jawline.

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