How can I get bigger boobs naturally?

i have small boobs and i want them to be bigger
i don't want to have implants so im asking if you know anything natural that can help me like food, sport.. erc


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  • I heard if you drink a lot of milk during puberty, they'll get big. Most likely an old wives tale. You pretty much just have to live with what you got.

  • maca root powder

    • @Thor696 yes, it actually works.. it increases a certain form of estrogen.

    • I suppose that makes sense. I know when guys "aromatize" too much testosterone into estrogen - they get moobs. Seems to happen when...

      - During puberty when guys hormones are all over the place, some kids will develop some growth in breast tissue.

      - Older guys who start converting too much test into estro. Honestly this is the most disgusting thing I've ever seen and if I ever got them... I'd find a way to get damn rid of them! LOL

  • You can't. You live with what you get, reality.

    • life is cruel

    • It's only cruel if you worry about it to the point it effects your life.

    • Well is depend some lady's sfter become mother theirs boobs grow pretty big like 2 more size

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