Girls, how do I look in Women's jeans?

Im tall and thin and shopping some people suggested I could pull off wearing proper fitting women's jeans. Please be honest and tell me which pair looks best on me. #1
Girls, how do I look in Women's jeans?





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Most Helpful Girl

  • I like them all. To be honest, jeans are jeans and you should pick a pair that make you and your body feel good. I say rock those girl jeans! You just turned them into man jeans. Proud of you bro


Most Helpful Guy

  • Unless you are a male model I don't see how your ectomorph body type will help you look attractive to women. Wearing any of these jeans will just enhance your skinny look even more. If that is what you want, OK. If not, then try to wear something else. They aren't even proper fitting, all of them look kinda loose. And I don't know, but isn't the crotch area different for women jeans?

    • Yes but I buy a size up for that. Aren't men's jeans slightly baggy, that's the whole point they shouldn't be skin tight I don't like that.

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  • I like 1, 3 and 6 but voted for #1.

  • Get men's. u sound like a freak rapist wierdo


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