Guys, what do you guys think about a c section scar? I have one and I'm shy about it. do not like it at all?


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  • Hey, it's a total non-issue, I promise! You have a scar - irrelevant. You have a child to show for it - that's infinitely more important and wonderful. We all pick up scars (some physical, some not) on our journey through life, a person with no scars is a person with a very dull story! Your scar is a little reflection of an amazing new life which will be among the greatest and proudest achievements of your own - why be shy about that? Don't worry - no decent guy will have any sort of issue with it, he'll be proud of who you are and what that little scar represents. :)

    • Thank you, you totally made me feel a lot better 😊

    • Very happy I could help! :)