What can I eat or drink or take to naturally increase my breast size?

Looking for foods, drinks, or supplements to safely and naturally increase my breast size


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  • Pizza. Lots of it! But as a side effect everything else will increase in size too.


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    • I don't think you can selectively do that hahah but what you can do is do squats and your butt would gain some muscle and even if you lose weight it will still look big.

    • That's what I'm doing, I'm losing weight and working out at the gym especially my butt

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  • You shouldn't care about the size of your breast but for now I will put myself in your shoes. There is nothing you can do except wait and/or fake it until you make it. Depending on your size you can either wear a bra a size too small or double up. Also, makeup goes a long way. Youtube will help with that. Plus I have a friend who goes down a dize for cleavage.


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  • Don't change something that is already sexy. I just don't care what size boobs the girl I want to date has , that is because to me and many other men find all boob sizes are all equally sexy, because boobs are boobs. I want to date a girl for her personality , not her body. I want to date a girl that has the following: big heart, mature, kind, polite, and has an amazing personality. All that matters is in the inside not the outside (this can apply to both genders).

  • I believe soy products like tofu are high in estrogen growth factors. That may help

  • Stop worrying about this, you're beautiful 😊


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