Girls, Is this plan fool proof? (Height and shoes)?

DISCLAIMER:WHY would I at 5ft 9 get such shoes? My ego cannot take the imaginary beating it takes when I am in a room where there are taller guys (>6ft) and I see the girls looking at them. THAT IS IT. I mean in a room where I there's no noticeable tall guy all the girls look at me... but instead of dreading a tall guy walking through the door why not get these shoes? Tom Cruise and Robert Downey Jr agree with me.
Okay... so I am attractive, muscular and intelligent but only 5 ft 9.
I know that there are shoes that add 4 to 5 inches and look normal. Girls of course can't tell the difference between 6ft and 5ft9(problem is... when they see a legit tall guy they know) but still here's the plan...
I wear shoes and get to 6 ft 2 ish... I tell Girls I am 6ft. In the EXTREMELY rare scenario where I have to take off my shoes... well Girls can't tell the difference remember? ;)
And if I'm taking my shoes off with someone else it will probably be because I am doing something sexual (in that case the girl will be too busy mirin my face and muscles anyway).

I have a good looking face, muscular body and am quite intelligent (good grades without much effort).
Oh... and no I don't want to win over Girls with my personality. I just want to walk into the club, with my aesthetic body, nerdy jokes and the illusion of being 6 ft 2. Tell me that doesn't get even the hottest girls wet in 5 seconds. And no this is not like a girl wearing push ups... BOOBs are sooooo much more important to men than height is to women (height is only important because they don't want to be taller than their partner in heels.


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  • Hahaha that won't work. You'll look unproportioned and weird

    • No I won't. Maybe if I was a skinny phaggot. But since I have a muscular and fit frame... it should look unnoticeable. Check out ROBERT Downey Jr wearing them. Tom cruise too. They look normal. I am surprised Zac Efron , Zayn Malik and Taylor don't wear them. Maybe they do though. Maybe we don't notice it?😉😉

    • No. People will notice. Robeet looks stupid. Girls can see you are wearing heels and they'll think you are not straight.

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