Girls who are familiar with red pill please answer this?

Okay so I have asked on here about my looks and most said I was good looking and some said that I could look as good as/already look better than Francisco Lachowski /Sean O Pry (using selfie pics of myself in not too flattering lighting) and the like. I'm not too sure about trusting that... but actual Girls did say that. However how do I know for sure? The reason I am kinda insecure about my looks is because of People like Alex from Target. I mean you COULD say he just got lucky... but I get depressed when I see someone who got famous JUST PURELY based on his looks. But honestly Alex does not strike me as extremely good looking tbh. I realize that is subjective... but I'd say I'm around the level of his attractiveness facially and have a muscular body and don't work at Target (engineering student ). Also look up Luca Fresko. HE got famous apparently JUST BECAUSE HE HAS A good looking face. I myself am good looking but don't know if I am at that level. Maybe I can reach that level?


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  • Don't care about what women want...

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