Girls, were they being truthful?

I will never get surgery and do not want to LOOK LIKE anyone. I want look AS GOOD AS them. There is a HUGE difference.
Okay so recently I had asked on here whether I could look as good facially as the top male models of today such as Francisco Lachowski and Sean O Pry... and some of them ACTUALLY said that I did have potential (haircut, eyebrows and grooming which I can easily get done) and some even said I looked better. Now I don't know whether they were just being nice or not... but ANYWAY TO KNOW FOR SURE?


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  • It's hard to say when u dont have a picture.. but if have gotten those compliments from people who r ur friends.. I guess they might have been truthful..

  • Not you again... People like different things. Someone might think Sean O Pry is the hottest guy alive. Someone thinks Channing Tatum is hot and someone loves your looks. You will never please everyone with your looks. Apparently you already do please some people. Be the best you can be but be yourself and get your own style. Because you can never please everyone, please yourself. Get same haircut as Francisco or whatever.