Do girls like Vladimir Putin?

I've alwyas thought he was a badass, but I didn't think women viewed him as attractive. But, then I found out my mom had sort of a celebrity crush on him, and I found lots of women on the web that are apparently very fond of him. For example:

This somewhat strange site:

These very favorable, lustful comments:

A poll that apparently shows 1 in 5 Russian women would marry him:

And even a "Glamour" magazine cover calling him the "Sexiest Politician Alive":

I was pretty blown away. Is this common? Do ladies really like this guy?


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  • Motherfucker hunts lions shirtless, what'd you expect?


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  • I don't know about "ladies" in general but I personally do not find him attractive AT ALL.

    • Of course there are going to be some women out there that don't like him; I mean, some girls don't even care for Brad Pitt or Channing Tatum.

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    • 50 just isn't that old to me. My father's almost sixty, and he doesn't seem that old. I think you have to be at least 70 to be old.

    • Well what's considered "old" and "young" varies with individual. I prefer younger guys, personally.

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