Girls what would make one FACIALLY attractive guy more FACIALLY attractive than another FACIALLY attractive guy?

Both have symmetrical faces. BOTH have a strong jawline. Both have nice eyes. Both have good lips. Both have high cheekbones. Say me and a top male model.


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  • I wouldn't necessarily say one was more attractive than the other. It truly depends on the woman's preference in what she likes in a guy. And the guy's situation. Women tend to be more attracted to successful men with a compatible personality to their own.

    • Noooo I mean facially. I am very successful and have a pretty bright future and career and am physically fit.
      BUT I have a good looking face. That much I KNOW. What I DO NOT know is whether or not my face is as good looking as top male models. IS there a difference between good looking and male model? Facially I mean. Ignore height and such. And I am the asker by the way.

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    • Please respond (if you want to/can/feel like it).

    • I realize I seem egotistical

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