Girls, any downsides to my line of thinking?

You should not attempt to even approach a girl unless:
1) you are at a low enough body fat such that your jawline is visible
2) you have a fit body
3) your eyebrows are done and you have the perfect haircut for your face, and your facial skin is as smooth as a baby's bottom (beards are for people with no aesthetics )
4) you are getting good grades and have a bright future career/killing it at the workplace (former if student and latter if college graduated)
5) ARE at least somewhat knowledgeable regarding various topics (INTERNET AND YOUTUBE (scishow and VSAUCE and many other channels) I THANK YOU)
Now you can approach women and score Girls that are 9's and 10 s 9/10 of the time. PATRICK BATEMAN LIFE.

You just say hi and lock your jaws. It s game over. The girl is already wet.
I have all of the above but working on the fit body part.


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  • so much bullshit 😂

    • What is bullshit about this? A guy who follows this is pretty much GOD.

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  • Well, I do agree you have a homerun list of major self-improvement points. Love the American Psycho reference.

    • This could be Christian Grey too in fact.

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    • Christian Grey is just a very horny and kinky version of Patrick Bateman 😅😅

    • is Christian Grey in Mergers & Acquisitions and does he kill people?

      I'll take Bateman bruh!

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  • That fedora is looking sharp man

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