Girls, does height matter to even the shallowest of girls if the guy is>6ft IN SHOES? UMMMMM in "special" shoes? ;) ?

The shoes look ordinary and the guy has a muscular frame. You want us to look taller than you in heels right? And 6ft 1 in shoes should do that right? RIIIIIIGHT? 😅😅😋

5ft 9 barefoot... but if we're barefoot you're already getting f d up by me riiiiiight?

Would Girls at a night club notice? This is just to even the playing field. I mean I am much better than any tall guy in every thing other than height. BUT 5ft 9 isn't short. But it's not tall either. So 3 inch elevators ftw.


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  • I don't like the elevated shoes on men. I think they look silly. I personally don't care if a guy is shorter than me when I'm wearing heels. It doesn't matter, the shoe makes me taller, it doesn't take away from the guys height, if he wears heels it makes him look insecure. I probably would date someone shorter than me, I don't think I would care. All the men in my family are really tall, like 6"3 and 6"5 so height isn't really a big deal to me, I don't covet it but it's nice when a guy is taller than me.

    • But how do you know they look silly? Would you even be able to tell? And that last line you added... THAT IS THE SOLE REASON WHY I EVEN CONSIDER ELEVATOR SHOES. I am VERY confident that I can get away with saying I am 6ft (really am in shoes) and you won't judge since I LOOK 6ft in shoes.

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    • Also... RDJ s shoes are a bad example. There are way better ones that look subtle.

    • I think it just shows insecurity. I don't know why you let your height affect you if you're so confident in every other aspect of yourself.

  • If I'm bare foot it means I'm comfortable enough to not think you're going to kill me. Not that I'm fucking you. You're a good enough height for me. I wouldn't go short or much taller. I'm not a fan of muscular guys though.

    • Noooo not for just you. I mean I'm at a night club right? I have a handsome face and a nice body (and a good career too but that doesn't matter here). I have shoes on so I am 6ft. (3 inch elevators look really normal trust me no one can tell unless you tell them).
      Not like Girls can tell differences unless they see a legit tall guy anyway. But will a situation where me, a tall guy and you (NOT YOU BUT you know... could be you ) are all barefoot ever come up? Nope.

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    • Opinions?

    • I don't think it's like push up bras for men. Because BOOBs are something which the shallow guys will actually care about. But height I am pretty sure is just something Girls say they want because they want their guy to be taller than them in heels. Plus for those that want the tall big guy... I am muscular and elevator shoes will just make me look that better.

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