Girls, would this be a good way to accept myself and my looks? If you think it's delusional... why? Considering subjectivity of looks?

Okay so Girls on here have said I am attractive and girls IRL look at me.
CAN I just go ahead and go on with life believing that I am facially as attractive as any male model? I mean aren't Looks subjective (at least somewhat )?
BECAUSE unless I know that I am as attractive as any male model facially at my best (eyebrows and hair as well as skin smooth and clear which I can do easily) I don't see any way to accept myself. IS THIS not a good way to accept myself and my looks?


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  • why should you accept yourself as a male model?
    yyou know how hot they are right?

    • Because Girls on here have said that my face is attractive? AND girls IRL look at me. And have said I am good looking. Also oo... how hot are the models really? I mean IRL not in perfect photos.
      And aren't looks subjective?

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    • I am the Indian guy. Yes. THAT GUY

    • are u the black guy with colored eyes?

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  • No that's not a good way that's said. You need to learn to except yourself or you are truly a nobody and if you can't except yourself what makes you think you can except anyone else?

    • But how do I know if MYSELF is not as hot as any male model in the world? That is the question. And some Girls have said I am as attractive if not more than some male models. On here.

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    • Your missing the point

    • It's you're by the way. And... no I'm not. I get what you mean by personality overshadowing looks... but I have a model body and a good looking face. But I don't know if I am good looking as a model. Who decides that? You? Some other girl? Who knows? SO I take it upon myself to look just as good as any male model in the world. Because ultimately who decides that?
      And I could not live with myself if a girl liked me because of my personality and didn't think I looked as good as a model.

  • I've already seen a lot of pictures of you and honestly believe that you are attractive but if you keep on worrying about your facial features then this can make you appear unattractive to many people. If you think about it, no one will really pay attention to how you look because you will always look the same to them. No matter if you are having a bad day in the morning, I'm sure you will still look the same to everyone. You are the only one who is judging yourself. Just be confident and happy with yourself. Instead of trying to find improvements, try looking at what's beautiful about yourself.

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