Girls, is there any definitive way to know if you are conventionally handsome?

Before you say post a pic... I have asked here before and most said I was good looking facially and such but a few said I was average. Should I take that reaction to mean I am conventionally attractive facially? I dunno.
And if there is no way to know... then can I assume that women would find me just as hot as any guy if I took great care of my appearance and such?


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  • Girls have different tastes. They aren't like men who usually all agree who is hot and who is not. Girls on the other hand can look at 100 different guys and all 100 females will pick a different "hottie" in the group. Also there are different types of hotness. Some guys have good bodies but ugly faces. Some guys are tall but have ugly bodies. Some guys are short but have hot faces. Some guys are charming and dress well even though they don't look that great. Some girls like slim guys. Some girls like bigger guys. Everybody has a different point of view.

    • Noooo... I AM TALKING purely about hot faces since I work out and have a pretty good body and I am quite intelligent as well. BUT THAT is not enough. How do I know whether I have a face that most girls would agree is "hot"? How many Girls on here have to say it before its true lol?

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    • I will approach Girls once I am super hot.

    • I don't live in USA so Girls don't really ever initiate

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  • I am starting to really hate the word conventionally.

    • I mean classically handsome?๐Ÿ˜…

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    • Don't say personality because I am talking about facial beauty here

    • Respond please?

  • If you take care of yourself and if there's really nothing more u could do then women will find u attractive. Also your personality will be more important. But physically of course if u take care of urself then I'm positive women find u attractive

    • Oookay... but can I just think that I am as HOT AS ANY GUY PHYSICALLY if I do that?

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    • What really beyond getting a model body, doing your eyebrows, keeping skin clear and haircuts? WHAT else could there possibly be?

    • If u do all that u think makes u look attractive then that's all that matters and what I meant by u can always make yourself better I meant like u can always try a different lipstick etc. (For females)

  • I already know who this is just by the question๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ STOP ASKING THE SAME QUESTION AGAIN AND AGAIN

    • But how to know?

    • Please tell me how one can know if they are conventionally good looking?

    • Girls opinions? Most have said I am good looking on this site... but still