Girls, is this the right approach?

1) I work out and should have a model body in a year max. I have strongish jawline.

2) I have the best haircut for my face and my eyebrows are done like models.

3) I am very good at academics and have a pretty good career after graduation.

4) Girls on this site have said I am attractive. Most of them anyway. A few said I looked "fine" though. So mostly 7s and 8s and a few 9's but a couple of 6s? I know it doesn t mean much since Girls here try to be nice... And GIRLS IRL look at me.

But I don't live in USA or UK (not now at least... surely once I graduate) so Girls don't really approach you here. Hell I don't even think Girls REALLY appraoch that much in US and UK. So since there's no way to know... should I just assume I am as facially hot as any guy since I know I am at least attractive? I don't really ask out Girls ever so never been rejected lol Will apreach though once I have the model body.



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  • Then, ask a girl out. Every where is different.

    • Will approach once I KNOW I am hot facially and have the model body. SO a few months.

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    • MY ego is bigger than the universe. Practically infinite.

    • Calm the ego, and girls might follow you.

What Guys Said 1

  • You care too much. They will smell your insecurity.

    • Okay... so just assume I am hot facially as ANY male on this planet since looks are subjective and move on right? Otherwise there is no moving on XD 😢😅😬😑

    • Opinions?

    • Who was genetics? I mean I am pretty attractive since Girls here have said it and girls IRL look at me so genes should be okay right?