Girls, should I just assume I am as hot facially as ANY guy on Earth and move on? Delusional? WHY or why not? (Read details? )?

I take great care of myself facially. I have a pretty good body. I have been called attractive IRL and more importantly by strangers online (come on who trusts friends and family IRL to tell you the truth about these things?).
I have a pretty good personality and am quite intelligent.
But there is no way to compare my face to another guy accurately right? Some girls will say me and some will say him... so I should just assume I am AS HOT (not less or more) as ANY guy at my best riiiiiight? XD


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  • Yeah... You are hot and you are You... So why compare with anyone else...
    If it's attention you are craving and you think you're not getting enough then you definitely know where you are lacking and improve cause you look like you know yourself pretty well


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  • You're better off assuming. If you need to ask you're only displaying doubt. Besides theirs little you can do about it. The default method would be if you have symmetrical facial features are generally attractive. Beyond that is largely preference, but generally more masculine traits will be more desired. (more prominent jaw line, etc.)


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  • Whatever helps you sleep at night

    • Okay genius... tell me how I can know for sure whether I am hot or not?

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    • 3 Girls will say I'm hot and 1 will say I'm ugly lol

    • You can't just say whatever helps you sleep at night without providing proper alternatives

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