Which one of the four would you choose?

hey there all. here is another pic from some friends ofmine. if you could which one would you choose and why? please let me know...
Which one of the four would you choose?

  • the one with pink sweater
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  • the one with the grey sweater
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  • the one with the black sweater
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  • the one with the blocked sweater
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  • none they are all ugly
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  • One with pink sweater who has that wonderful beaming smile

    • thanks for your time and vote...

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    • cool, but it is quite unfair cause the one with blocked sweater is not even looking at the camera and the one with black sweater looks kind of sad and gloomy... the one with pink sweater is only one who's looking into the camera and smiling so people will obviously tilt in her favour... I bet it's you with pink sweater :D

    • thanks for he explain.

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  • i am going to say none of them is prettier than the others because i dont want to pit friends against each other so they are all pretty.

    • you wouldn t pit them against each other. we are just curious who will be chosen and on what point

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