Should I be scared to wear dark and bold lipsticks?

I have a red lipstick I got that I love on myself. I think it looks really nice, but I'm not sure what to wear with it and I'm scared to wear it. I don't wear minimal makeup, but I also don't wear a lot. I can do a bold eye look, but I've never experimented much with dark lips. It looks really bold on me (but still nice, i think), but I don't know if it looks as bold to me as it does to other people. I enjoy looking nice and dressing up but don't like wearing things so bold I attract a lot of attention. Am I overthinking this, do people not notice this kind of stuff?

  • Yes, darker lipsticks are hard to pull off and don't look good on many people.
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  • No, go for it.
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  • I know I do not fit the demographic of who's opinion you seek, but subtle is much prettier... especially for everyday stuff. Ifn8ts a trip to the park tomwalk the dog and play frisbee, why do you want to wear any makeup at all? If it is a casual trip to the mall with friends, subtle (barely there) is cute. Save the bold look for an evening out on the town where you get a little more fixed up. I always prefered a girl who never wore makeup, myself. No matter what you decide, love yourself... and you shouldn't need makeup to do that. In fact, a mirror shouldn't help you make up your mind on how you feel about you. Love yourself from the inside out, like the rest of the world should do.


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  • Who cares babe? I mean honestly, if it makes you feel good about yourself, no one else's opinion matters. Do what makes you happy and have a beautiful day.


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  • I think girl with bold lipstick are hot! shhh... no one need to know!

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