Girls, what do you mean? How can I know for sure?

When some of you nod and say "good looking/cute" but others say "you look fine ☺" what do you mean? 😅😙😋😋
When I had asked if I was conventionally attractive or not the first time on this site...
Around 70 percent said I was. The remaining said I looked fine. Or okay.70 30. This is facially by the way.
MY pictures were not good at all. They were just me taking random selfies with a smartphone camera which are known to cause lens distortion indoors in meh lighting. I was not groomed at all. I was also wearing clothes that I go to sleep in. I showed only my face.

How can I know for sure if I am conventionally attractive facially? Is such a thing real?


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  • It just means you're not ass ugly. Nothing more and nothing less.

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