Girls, Girls When you say hot face guy you mean a guy who YOU find hot right?

How do you know he is hot? I mean you may like his facial features and say he is hot but since looks are subjective.
Body I understand is pretty accepted as in a Hollister or Calvin Klein model body. But face? Some girls on this site (rating my face only) and IRL said I was cute and hot and attractive. Others on this site said I looked fine. AM I hot or do I just look okay/fine? Facially I mean? I'd there a difference between okay and hot?
Also what do you mean by a guy who looks like a jerk/player? I have a hot body. Would you assume I am a player? How hot does my face have to be to be considered hot enough to be a jerk. Just?

Stupid AUTOCORRECT... messed up sentences at some points. But you should get the point.
*THE just at the end shouldn't be there


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  • Maybe when you hear the word fine they aren't saint just ok they actually mean GQ

    • But looks are 90 percent subjective and the remaining 10 percent is jawline and symmetry right? How do I know whether I have the required symmetry and jawline? Mine is pretty defined.

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    • Different for different Girls?

    • I'm sure. I guess they just mean structured