If looks are somewhat subjective then how can someone be delusional about their looks? At maximum potential (not as a fat neckbeard)?

Explain in detail if possible. Thanks β˜ΊπŸ˜ŠπŸ˜™πŸ˜š
Maximum potential facially remember.


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  • Depends on how they look.

    • They don't look like a fat neckbeard. IS that good enough to not be delusional?

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    • Okay so say they posted a pic of themselves here and they got all positive responses. MOST of them said he looks attractive and or cute. But a FEW DID say he looks okay or fine. But in the pics he was not at his maximum potential. DO Girls call guys with good looking faces but bad haircuts and eyebrows "fine"? No one said he looked ugly.
      Those were the reactions I got. Most said cute or attractive and a few said fine or okay. I am focusing on the fines and the okays.
      Now obviously you may want to see a pic of me right? You will either say I am hot average or ugly right? And then another girl will come and say something else. And then another will come and say what you said. AND so on and on. SO how can one know? Please respond if you can or want to.☺

    • Girls have different views on guys we are not all the same.

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