What one of these piercings would look good on me?

Well I really like piercings, except I have a no-face rule with my mum. But I have three on my mind, I know that I'm getting my belly button pierced for my 15th birthday, which is in a month and a half (December 10, whatevs) I want a daith on my right ear, a triple forward helix on my left ear and a second helix on my right (beneath my first) I got most of them when I was 5, 8 and 12 twice so I think it's time to update my ears a little.

What one of these piercings would look good on me?
^ Me, so you know how to tell what would suit me more, mind you this photo is like a month old

^ triple forward helix and daith

^ Double helix (I already have one of the two)

I already have a standard and upper lobe on both ears, a tragus piercing on my left and a helix on my right, so I don't know if they would match or just clutter things up. I would like snake bites or maybe a tongue piercing but I don't want to go behind my mums back or go to my dad for permission just to spite her, so I'm just sticking to my ears and belly button for now.

If you thing pircings are bad in general and you're just going to answer for the sake of lecturing a 14 year old about how sticking metal into skin isn't pretty, I just want to know which of them would suit me more.

All opinions will be appreciated!

If the photo's don't show up I apologise in advance-ish
I also apologise for crappy spelling, grammar etc


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  • Triple forwars helix. Also consider vampire bites.


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  • Have you ever researched cauliflower ear?

    • I just did and, WHAT THE FUCK? UM NO FUCKING THANKYOU...

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    • Unfortunately not. It can be caused by trauma from the piercing itself or by any possible infections the piercing causes :c

      I'd be upset if my ear started looking like a vegetable so I figured you might too XD

    • Yeah I definitely would be really upset if my ear looked like the most hated vegie

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