Are looks subjective? I mean I MAY or may NOT BE the best looking guy in the world right? Who the f decides that? ME? GIRL #2857? GIRL #73? GAY #675?

You can replace I with you as well. I am talking about at our max potential. The fat neckbeards and the skinny swagfags are automatically disqualified from this (BUT YOU KNOW WHAT? There are even Girls out there (some hot) that think EVEN they are hot... but still... let's just say we are considering every guy that leads a sort of Patrick Bateman beauty routine (not that psychotic but you gets ze point rightz?

And you know something? When I mention "some hot"... I mean hot to me. I feel like everyone should say..."he's hot... to me" or "she's hot as hell... to me" or "he's not the best looking guy in the world but he has a great personality. ... in my opinion ". Get my drift?
Also for the moobs out there. ... Patrick Bateman is the main character of American Psycho the movie.


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  • Lol what you trying to ask?

    • Nothing really... just want people to dicuss what I wrote down in the details and hear their opinions.

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    • I am pretty set facially too but if you do look like bale, Dw. You sset for life lol

    • I won't care about that, I can score anyway so lol People just can find anything hot lol

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  • Generally, people can agree on what is attractive and what is not. There have been studies done that demonstrates this phenomenon.

  • I think beauty is subjective in the 6~10 out of 10 range. 1~5 is going to be ugly to everybody.

  • Personally I assess this by seeing which girls I consider to be hot say that I am good looking. That's about as accurate as you can get, because you are asking about looks to get hot girls, so if a hot girl says you have good looks then there is your answer.

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