Girls, how can I get a honest rating?(no pics... read details)?

When I had asked here some girls told me that I am hot and good looking and almost as if not better than male models. While a few others said I was okay or looked fine. So how do I know for sure? No more pics since y'all accuse me and report me for spamming. Just know that those were the reactions I got. IN FACT I don't know whether the ones that said I was average were honest or just trying to destroy my ego since I was spamming.


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  • It means that not everyone will find you 10/10

    Beauty is in the eyes of beholder💕

    So, those who said you were hot, to them you were
    They weren't lying


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  • Is it possible different people have different preferences?

    • So I should just assume I am the best looking guy at my mac potential and move on? AS should you and all guys that take care of their appearance?

    • Max not mac lol

    • Yes, at some point there's only so much physically you can do to yourself short of spending 4 hours at the gym every day/getting physical surgery before it borders on self-absorption/narcissism. Best to then focus on having kickass hobbies/interests/personality which will set you apart from the other beefcakes.

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  • Hey, spammer, you don't look good, whoever told you you look fine was lying to your ugly face.

    • Lol ugly from the inside.

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    • Riiiiiiiiiiight.

    • Lol... seriously. I HAVE NEVER BEEN called below average. At the very worst I am average. But you know what looks are subjective and you have the right to think I am ugly. Maybe you don't like guys of my type. And that is perfectly fine.☺

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