Girls, Do you think i'm hot as I am having no luck at all on dating sites?

If no can you tell me why so i can improve my image!
Girls, Do you think i'm hot as i am having no luck at all on dating sites?

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  • You look nerdy and girlish. I think you should dress less preppy and dress more normal. Jeans and a tshirt and make your hair look less perfectly styled... lose the Brylcream!

  • You look decent but to get girls on dating sites you have to be either rich or extremely hot.

    • thanks so how do i get extremely hot would stubble and a six pack help?

    • I think if you send long, thought out responses to girls or go after girls who don't usually get hit on - you could increase your success ratio. Online dating is about how you present yourself. My friend was average looking and poor but he dated 200 girls that he met online cause he was extremely charming and good at dealing with people. Go for the girls that get hit on less often and try your luck with them.

  • U r cute rather than hot

  • you are beautiful , don't you try to cut your hair? i think it will look better

  • you're really cute and you should try to wear blue to make your eyes more noticeable

    • thanks so do girls like cute guys then?

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    • thanks and yeah i'm sure that guy is just round the corner! Lol yeah i need a better camera you know what i think it is as well is that the photos i think look great are the opposite to what women may find great!

    • That always happens to me too! I always post one and then my friends are like, "the other one was better" but yeah... haha! And thanks, I like to tell myself that he is right around the corner