What about this one?

what you think of this pic? what thoughts do you have or how does it make you feel? feel free to post..
what about this one?


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  • E) not hot, not ugly.

    • But most of us fall in that category, I know I do LOL. I believe in honesty, rather than that BS meme of:"Honey do I look fat in this dress?" This forum is a place where people will be honest (minus the trolls) and where (I believe) the majority is looking for honest answers (so some girls at 18 want to have their egos stroked, nothing more, and that's ok). I also know that most of the hot women in my life were "weird", or accusatory of men in general, or psycho and hit on me in the presence of a girlfriend, etc., so you are kind of in the middle, some men will date down, some are your equal and know the "hot girls=trouble" wisdom I do, and some not as hot as you (relatively) might get to have you, feeling lucky in the process. A good position to be in, all and all.

    • thanks for sending your thoughts. i think you are right in most of the things

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  • very sexy. you have nice legs. it is a pity they are covered so much. how about a pic with a bikini bottom showing some more leg?

  • cool, lets jump in the pool


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