Do I make a bad impression?

Do I make a bad impression ?

Okay, I happen to look how I look, and my selfies are never good. (not so photogenic)

My problem is that I believe I am often perceived as threat, (you can tell by peoples' body language, I suppose) or as just dangerous, although I'm no weirdo or creep or a delinquant even. :/

I'm not noisy, or have strange mannerisms, I don't dress weird either :/

(This pic is from a few months ago - shaved)

To add more details :

I'd get street "harassment" once in a while when I lived in Germany, but in the city I'm living in now, I'm getting it much more often. People just notice me - they never talk to me though
Can I have some more opinions?


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  • Smile a bit, and don't have that pose where it's like the librarian staring down her nose through her bifocals at someone, do an eye-level look at the camera. I think that you might need a little bit more sunlight? A little tan does wonders. If you are tall (I can't tell) relax your body language so that IF you appear to "lunge" or "steer" into people (I don't know anything about your gait), it can be diminished. None of these are insurmountable by any means, just a slight adjustment and you're on your way. I have seen far, far worse postings where people honestly look like cretins with zero hope.

    • It was just a random selfie - but I don't smile much, it never suits me. I lose a tan as quickly as I get it :/


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    • Well if it's any consolation, I hold a tan for two days, then it all peels off or I get massive amounts of freckling.

    • Although that's not intentional on your part, it can be toned down a bit. by the way on the smiling - I am a guy who is happy but doesn't need to show it by smiling, but i have noticed that if you smile to people in general, most will see it as positive and many will smile back (The hell with the sourpusses!).

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  • Yes, by your looks alone, you do make some sort of a negative impression, like a bad boy type. However I can be totally wrong also, because " looks are often deceptive"

    • What exactly do you mean by "bad boy type" ?

  • You look kinda gay, like a ticking time bomb or the next Elliot Rodgers in that pic man. But at least you look normal in your profile pic ^_^

    • You cannot "look gay" ... I am not..

  • Looks good to me bro.
    Can pass for a model even.

    People are just too sensitive, its something in life every masculine type have to deal with.

    I have a 'nasty' tone but its just my regular voice.
    I probably get the same body language as you do everyday. hahahahaha !

    • I have a medium deep voice I'd say when I speak, but when I hear my voice on the phone, I'm astound how rough it sounds O. o

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    • Yes, that's about it !
      You have spoke the right words.

      Have fun living friend ! I'm sure you'll be fine, blessed with such looks :P

    • Thank you very uch for your feedback !

  • u look fine, i have camera problems lol mybe its coz i use a shit 2 mp phone but i got one decent pic my whole life and now i am using that everywhere xD. From what i noticed of u before, i think ur a friendly chap, dunno u in real life though

  • You look like a serial killer. They usually look normal too.