Girls which body is the hottest?

I know every girl is different but I am curious which bodytype you find the hottest. I look like guy 3 ( the difference is I am taller, 6.3) and I started working out and eating more but healthy to get the body of guy 5 but my girlfriend says that my body is hot and changes are not necessary. What do you think? Put these guys in order from less hot to the hottest.

Guy 1

Girls which body is the hottest?
Guy 2

Guy 3

Guy 4

Guy 5

Guy 6

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  • 1. Far too much in the way of steroids.
    2. A fairly good body, but not ideal.
    3. This would be fine for a middle-school boy, but not an adult man.
    4. Better, but still not the body of a strong, muscular male.
    5. This is definitely a strong physique, and it's very good.
    6. This is probably the best one. It's very proportional, definied, yet still large and intimidating, even if it just barely beats out number 5.

    Number 6 is the best one. I would be surprised if anyone picked anything other than number 6 or number 5.


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What Girls Said 1

  • Guy 2's body is the sexiest! He has LOVELY PECS and nice biceps. I LOVE that he's abless. Guy 5 would be the winner if I was into all those abs.


What Guys Said 2

  • Voted for 3 just because he's Zayn Malik ❤️ Go brothhaaaaa

    Number 2 needs to chill from decline beth and start doing some incline 😂. Get his lats wider, work on upper core, obliques and serratus to get a good V-shape. He'll be chilled then for vac 👌

  • Guy three Zayn Malik 😂