Girls, If I went out for Halloween as me?

Is that a good Halloween costume I'm that ugly


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  • You probably don't have a girlfriend due to the lack of confidence.

    • Your right but I also could never get one I'm not good enough

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    • I'm doing things I like I am a hard worker but also what ifa girl couldn't handle my past really when you look at it I'm pretty damaged

    • She's not worth it then. There are good girls out there that can accept and love you for you. Not your past.

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  • Oh get over it and stop asking the same damn questions...

    • I'm not asking the same questions this is inspired by a Halloween post and it gave me this idea

    • Every question you ask is based around your looks

    • Cause I never had a girlfriend normal people my age would have had at least 1 relationship by now I'm starting to think there's seriously something wrong

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