Girls, please answer this weird question?

Okay if I am a TRULY good looking guy... then if I were to post a selfie of only my face indoors in meh lighting (and hair and eyebrows not on point, but facial features are what matter right? ) on Instagram... would I get loads of comments from REAL RANDOM Girls from around the world if I used the tags? Remember female friends IRL don't count.

Also I am not white if that matters at all. I am talking about the 😍😍😍 comments by the way.


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  • Yea. It is possible..

    • But is it also possible that I only get 1 or 2 comments despite being a truly good looking guy? How do they guys that get them, get them? Lol because I have seen slightly above average looking guys get way more 😍😍😍 than some really good looking guys? But who am I or anyone else to decide who is slightly above average and who is extremely good looking? Does it become completely subjective post the 6 range?

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    • But people DO LOOK a LOT better in the yellowish mall bathroom lights vs the white tube lights. Lol seriously

    • Haha I guess.. I don't pay attention much lol

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