Tinkerbell costume at highschool? too inappropriate?

in need of a quick Halloween costume, as in my school we can dress up, and i ran to the local fabric land and bought a bunch of green fabric, because its super cheap and easy to make a tinkerbell costume, and my hair is already the right colour. now im having second thoughts. is a tinker bell costume too innapropriate on Halloween in highschool? i get uncomfortable in skimpy outfits. since i am making it, and will definetly be making the dress a bit longer than most (theyre usually just small enough to conceal your ass) and wearing shorts and possibly tights underneath, it will be a bit better than the average store bought one, but im still concerned. any suggestions as for making it a bit more modest? thanks!

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  • I voted "other" and I also vote to check with mom and / or dad. However, I want to commend you on your instinct to be modest. Good girl! You should be proud of yourself. Soo many kids are in such a hurry to be what they see as "grown up" and trying to impress their friends. I saw another post here from a girl who was upset so many costumes sexualize girls. There might be hope for our future yet if more like you two stay strong and speak up. Bravo! OK, you asked for tips on using your idea. The best one I can come up with is get a cheap top that is a close match to skin tone. You can find one that's a little snug so you still feel cute and even wear it as an undershirt after the holiday. Also, you could put a few small stitches in key places to keep Tink's top in place and easily separate them later. The top can be sleeveless and even have a lower cut neckline depending on what you're comfortable with. I also like your idea about the leggins. They may be hard to find in a skin tone, but I think white would still be cute! Again, seeing kids like you stand up for morals makes me proud! This poor country of ours is soo back ackwards because of the terrible influence of our "entertainment" industry. See this America? There is hope!


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  • It'll be sooo cute!


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  • i think itll be appropriate for school. there's a lot of girls who wear short skirts and mini skirts to school. you should never second guess yourself. tinkerbell is a very beautiful pixi/fairy. and (of course) very beautiful legs. so you should just wear the outfit. no leggings or stockings

  • I'd say it's inappropriate. Being modest isn't just about your shorts covering up your butt and that's it. If you're going to be modest, it has to stretch some way further down your thigh. Plus, speaking on the top of the tinkerbell costume, I'd imagine it would be effortless for any guy who thinks he's being funny to pull your top down and show your bare chest.


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  • don't worry, if you wear shorts/tights its ok.
    this is coming from someone who wears pants everyday in southern california.

  • sounds ok as long as you're white.
    NO other races should be allowed to wear a tinkerbell costume because that would be mocking another race.

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